Lynchburg Region Gas Project Approved by GO Virginia Region 2

Lynchburg, VA – On June 15, 2021, the GO Virginia (GOVA) State Board announced its approval of two new Region 2 projects aimed at growing the regional economy. One of these, the Altavista GAS LYH Region project, aims to enhance the marketability of Dearing Ford Industrial Park in Altavista, Virginia by assisting with the installation of a natural gas line for 140 acres of the park. The GO Virginia Board approved a total of $506,000 in state funds for the project, which is leveraging $253,000 in non-state sources. This is the highest award of state funds ever awarded by the GO Virginia Board to a Region 2 project.

“This project is regionally significant because it gets the region closer to new industrial investments,” said Megan Lucas, Alliance CEO and Chief Economic Development Officer.

“We receive an average of 10 requests a year from manufacturers for piped gas-served industrial sites, therefore if we can make it accessible in the region, we increase our opportunities for generating new jobs and capital investment in the region. We are working diligently to expand site and product readiness for the entire region and are thrilled that our GOVA grant was approved.”

Once the Altavista gas project is completed, the park will become the only publicly-owned industrial site in the Lynchburg region with natural gas access. Completion of this project is a key piece to attracting new businesses to relocate or expand in the Lynchburg region who need convenient gas access to conduct their business operations.

Prior Go Virginia Region 2 funding helped move 21 acres in the Dearing Ford Industrial Park from a Tier 3 to a Tier 5 site. A Tier 5 site is the highest level of site readiness and ensures all permits are in place and the site is ready for a site disturbance permit from the locality in which the site is located.

“Campbell County is delighted to be able to partner with the Town of Altavista and the Lynchburg Regional Business Alliance to bring this resource into the Dearing Ford Industrial Park,” added Nina Rezai, Economic Development Manager for Campbell County.

“Industrial land with access to natural gas in this region is a commodity, and we are eager to see what new business prospects this will open our region up to attract.”

In addition to this new gas project, a Southside Electric Cooperative substation is approximately .25 miles away with 20 MW available capacity and the park is designated as a Mid-Atlantic Broadband GigaPark. GigaParks offer access to multiple telecom and optical service providers through Mid-Atlantic Broadband Cooperative, giving yet more great reasons for a business to choose to locate to the Dearing Ford Park owned by the Town of Altavista.

“The Town of Altavista is thankful GO Virginia is committed to helping communities obtain the resources they need to encourage business attraction and growth,” said Mayor Mike Mattox.

“We have missed multiple opportunities for new business due to a lack of natural gas but with this collaborative effort between Altavista, Campbell County, and the Lynchburg Regional Business Alliance, Dearing Ford Industrial Park will gain the infrastructure it needs to support new businesses, ultimately creating jobs and investment for our community.”

Approval of the Altavista gas project took many months of planning, applying, and meeting with the GO Virginia Board, the Lynchburg Regional Business Alliance, Campbell County, and the Town of Altavista, as well as with the Virginia Economic Development Partnership and Columbia Gas of Virginia. The Lynchburg Regional Business Alliance and its regional economic development partners in Campbell County and the Town of Altavista will now have 12 months to get the natural gas project online and secure a potential tenant for the site.

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