LiteSheet Solutions releases Gen 2 LED UV-C Disinfecting Cabinet

 Forest, Virginia— LiteSheet Solutions, an LED lighting technology company in Bedford County announces the next generation for its UV-C disinfecting cabinet.

“At the outset of the pandemic, LiteSheet received a flood of calls from Virginia agencies about how we could convert our engineering and manufacturing to help fight COVID. Out of those efforts the UV-C Disinfecting cabinet was born”, said Roger Whyte, President and CEO of LiteSheet. “We capitalized on our LED lighting experience to develop a cabinet that uses UV-C LEDs to kill virus, bacteria, mold and spores.”

The company specifically targeted virus and bacteria commonly found in schools, offices, and healthcare settings.  Testing of the cabinet was conducted at Virginia Tech’s Class 3 Virology lab and proved that the cabinet is an efficient killer of all surface transmitted pathogens. By using UV-C LED modules that are environmentally friendly, contents are quickly, effectively, and safely disinfected. Safety includes a digital timer and an interlock cabinet door to ensure the UV-C modules cannot be powered on until the cabinet door is securely closed.

The cabinet is fully qualified for funding provided under the Relief authorization act for education and is perfectly designed to meet the needs of teachers, students and administrators.  For healthcare, the cabinet is designed to kill common HealthCare Acquired Illnesses such as MRSA, H1N1, and C-Diff.

The cabinet is regulated by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the entire manufacturing plant in Forest is fully registered with them. The cabinet meets or exceeds all EPA and Food and Drug Administration (FDA) guidance for use in the United States.

If your company would like to see a demonstration or would like to experience the usefulness of the cabinet first-hand, contact Roger Whyte.

About LiteSheet
LiteSheet is a manufacturer of next generation lighting technologies located in Bedford County, Virginia. They are pioneers and innovators of the first-ever U.S. patented adapted AC direct technology. Developed and designed a way to eliminate the DC power source in lighting products. The company’s visionary approach has paved the way to greater efficiency and reliability when sustainability is paramount.

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