The GO Virginia state board recently awarded $366,000 to the Lynchburg Regional Business Alliance that will benefit industrial and business parks in Madison Heights and the town of Amherst.

The grant comes on the heels of the recently completed GoVA “Due Diligence” grant that completed due diligence on six industrial sites in the Lynchburg region, including the L. Barnes Brockman Sr. Business & Industrial Park on U.S. 60 East in Amherst.

The money helps prepare the sites for attracting industries and companies interested in locating to the region, according to the business alliance. Marjette Upshur, director of economic development and tourism for the city of Lynchburg, said in a news release the grant will support regional partnerships to move forward with the work necessary to bring local industrial sites to “pad ready” status, which will driving job creation.

“The Town of Amherst is grateful to the GO Virginia board, the Lynchburg Regional Business Alliance, and our regional partners for assisting the town in moving our economic development sites forward,” Amherst Town Manager Sara Carter said in a news release.

“We are excited to be part of making the Lynchburg region the best community to grow business.” Victoria Hanson, executive director of the Economic Development Authority of Amherst County, said the Amelon industrial park in Madison Heights also will benefit.