About the Lynchburg Regional Business Alliance

Since 1883, the Lynchburg Regional Business Alliance has worked to promote regional economic growth and to enhance the quality of life for all citizens of the Lynchburg region.

The Alliance focuses on new job creation through industry recruitment and promoting entrepreneurial start-ups; existing business expansion and retention; pro-business advocacy; workforce development; connecting people and businesses; community, minority, and small business development; and the cultivation of local and regional leadership.

How We Help

Site Selection Assistance

Our team will help you discover our region’s available sites, buildings, and land. We can help you find the best options for your growing business or your clients.




Regional Data

The Alliance staff can provide the data you need to make critical decisions for your business or clients. Connect with our team to learn more about regional training programs, labor availability, or key industry sectors.




Local Connections

As a chamber of commerce and regional economic development organization, the Alliance has connections with thousands of regional businesses, workforce training providers, and organizations that can assist in new business ventures. The team also serves as connectors to local economic development partners.



Our Organization’s Mission

To lead regional economic development through:

  • Enhancing the Business Climate
  • Cultivating Talent
  • Generating Jobs & Investment
  • Promoting our Brand & Image Globally
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