Lynchburg Regional Target Industries

In August 2016, the Lynchburg Regional Business Alliance completed a Target Sector Analysis with the assistance of Market Street Services.  The process of identifying target sectors in this report has been driven by the desire of the Alliance and its regional partners in economic development to advance a more targeted approach to marketing and corporate recruitment activities undertaken by the Alliance on behalf of the region.
The Target Sector Analysis specifically seeks to identify those sectors within which the region is best positioned to effectively attract new companies by way of targeted marketing and recruitment efforts in the near-term. It also identifies and briefly discusses a few niche opportunities for long-term development that are related to the identified near-term target sectors.


The Lynchburg Region is best positioned for the following industries:

  • Food and Beverage
  • Steel and Metals
  • Nuclear Technology
  • Wireless Infrastructure and Communication
  • Financial and Business Support Services

The full report is available by clicking here.

Excess Water

Did you know?

The Lynchburg Region has 25 million gallons of excess water per day making it an ideal location for food and beverage manufacturing.