Living in the Lynchburg Region

With a beautiful setting, safe communities and an appealing low cost of living, the Lynchburg Region is one of the best places in the nation to live and work. The region also boasts a mild climate, close proximity to major cities and diverse housing options. So attractive is the region, Forbes ranked the Lynchburg MSA 24th out of 200 major metro areas for its attractive quality of place.


The citizens of the region enjoy a mild climate and four distinct seasons:

January Average Temperature 35 degrees
July Average Temperature 76 degrees
Average Annual Precipitation 40"
Average Annual Snowfall 21"

Cost of Living

The Lynchburg Region offers exceptional living conditions, fair wages, and competitive expenses.

  • Food, housing and health care costs well below the national average
  • Property tax rates approximately 30% below the national average
  • Auto insurance rates 20% below the national average
  • Overall unemployment rate tracks well below the national average
  • Extremely high air quality and water quality indexes
  • The housing market has remained stable during economic downturns 

Composite Index Grocery Items Housing Utilities Transportation Health Care Misc. Good & Services
91.9 87.5 85.6 104.4 85.8 93.6 96.9