Lynchburg Region Profiles

The Lynchburg Region is home to Amherst, Appomattox, Bedford and Campbell counties. The Lynchburg Regional Business Alliance works with these localities to create a supportive regional business environment.

Amherst County, VA

Established in 1761, Amherst County, VA is today home to over 30,000 residents. Historically a strong agricultural community with strengths in tobacco and apple growing, Amherst grew to support thriving timber, mining, milling and rail industries. Today, the county’s largest town, Amherst, is home to the Greif paper mill, a Clorox facility, Sweet Briar College, and more. For more information on Amherst County Economic Development, visit

Appomattox County, VA

Famously home to Appomattox Court House National Historical Park, “where our nation reunited” in the closing days of the Civil War, Appomattox County is home to approximately 15,000 residents. Strategically located in the heart of Virginia in the central Atlantic Seaboard, Appomattox County provides convenient access to many major MSAs, including Washington D.C. and New York. The county is additionally located along long haul natural gas and fiber transmission lines, including the Mid-Atlantic Broadband fiber backbone, one of the most advanced fiber networks in the world. For more information on Appomattox County, visit

Bedford County, VA

Historically an agricultural community, Bedford County, VA retains its strength in this agriculture industry today while growing its presence in healthcare, manufacturing and professional services. For more information on Bedford County Economic Development, visit

Campbell County, VA

Originally a frontier settlement, Campbell County quickly grew into one of Virginia’s strongest tobacco growing communities and developed strength in manufacturing. Over time, the county has developed into a unique mix of rural and suburban communities. For more information on Campbell County, visit

City of Lynchburg, VA

Lynchburg is a city which remembers its past while focusing on the future - a vibrant central city fostering a strong sense of community, economic opportunity for all our citizens and responsive, results-oriented local government. The city is 50 square miles located near the geographic center of the state, bordered by the eastern edge of the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains. It is located approximately 180 miles southwest of the nation's capital, Washington, D.C. To learn more about the city's economic development office, visit

Town of Amherst

Amherst is a progressive and successful town, and we are proud to note that many have contributed to making it the best of places to live and do business. The Town of Amherst is located at the base of the Blue Ridge Mountains in Amherst County. Its location in Central Virginia adjacent to Sweet Briar College provides an uncrowded yet cosmopolitan feeling. For more information, visit

Town of Altavista

The idea for Altavista was created I 1905 when three Lane brothers bought 2,000 acres of land in Campbell County. In 1912, the Lane Company was formed and built Altavista into what it is today. The town of 3,600 maintains it’s industrial roots and is presently home to over ten industries, including Abbott Nutrition, BGF Industries, and Schrader Sensata.  For more information, visit