Lynchburg Region's Technology Council

Lynchburg Region’s Technology Council focuses on technology businesses, STEM education, and technology entrepreneurship in the 2000 square mile area that surrounds the region. Through a unique partnership of distinct organizations, and in concert with the Lynchburg Regional Business Alliance, they provide a centralized vision to provide leadership for regional development.

As proud member of this partnership, the Technology Council’s mission is to serve as regional connector, catalyst and advocate for a dynamic technology workforce, innovative business environment and collaborative community culture. The council is growing the technology community through networking, training, advocacy, outreach to youth through STEM programs, and an increased focus on tech-based entrepreneurship. 

The future of the Lynchburg Region depends on building strong networks to support these growing technology sectors, as well as, emerging entrepreneurial start-ups. The Technology Council is working hard to build a community of people and organizations that want to partner to accomplish their mission-based tasks:
  • Facilitate the growth of services within the region that support tech-focused innovation and entrepreneurship
  • Create an environment and sustainable programs in the Region’s K-12 schools that enhance Science, Technology, Engineering and Math career interest
  • Provide a forum in which technology-focused organizations can exchange ideas and information, and capitalize on business opportunities
  • Deliver programs and services that promote the recognition of and provide substantial value to the region
  • Participate in activities that drive visibility and awareness of the Technology Council, and the region to other regions within the state
  • Serve as an advocate for the Region on a broad range of technology issues at the local and state level
  • Provide assistance to local economic developers in the recruitment of new technology companies, technology park implementation efforts, and the development of programs that enhance services to existing companies

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