About the Lynchburg Regional Business Alliance

The Lynchburg Region offers businesses a thriving pro-business, right-to-work environment with ample building sites, generous financial incentives and government-assisted programs. Forbes has included the Lynchburg MSA on lists of Best Small Places for Businesses and Careers (95), Cost of Doing Business (50), Education (80), Job Growth (164) and Great Places to Retire for Your Good Health by Kiplinger (2).

Our pro-business assets include:

  • Stable, low-tax costs for corporations and individuals, highlighted by a low 6% corporate income tax
  • Minimized payroll costs with low worker’s compensation rates and low unemployment tax
  • Protection of “at-will” and “right-to-work” employment practices
  • Virginia’s only designated TechHire community (City of Lynchburg)
  • Established technology zones
  • Recruitment and training programs to help businesses become operational and maintain a competitive advantage